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Be Good to Yourself

You cannot be good to people if you are not good to yourself. Start with yourself today. Do yourself a favor, stop being angry with yourself, no matter how stupid you feel sometimes. These feelings are temporary, and… Read More

Five Rules to Abide By

Say No: If you are concerned about how the teacher mistreated your co-worker’s daughter, you do not have to be. It is not illegal to cut negative people from your life, even if those were family members. Strive… Read More

Three Steps to Mindfulness and Peace

Be here, now: Beneath all of the stress, anxiety, and frantic rushing through life, you will find inner peace. You just have to take notice. It is deceptively simple because it has always been there waiting for you… Read More

Finding Peace in a Hectic World

Truth be told, life is not all unicorns and roses. Life can get busy; day after day, you are sucked into daily tasks. It is easy to forget yourself, and become like a zombie going through the motion…. Read More