Be Good to Yourself

You cannot be good to people if you are not good to yourself. Start with yourself today. Do yourself a favor, stop being angry with yourself, no matter how stupid you feel sometimes. These feelings are temporary, and you really cannot be angry with yourself forever. You must make yourself available for other people; make it a daily goal to make someone other than yourself happy. Wake up with the intention to make someone you do not know happy.

And smile!

Just smile more. Like breathing, smiling is free, you can do it right now, and the reward is instant. Smiling releases happy chemicals in the brain and make you feel better. Fake it until you make it. Better yet, try smiling to strangers in the street. Getting someone smiling back at you will make you smile. Even if you are faking it. It does not take much practice. Humans are wired that way!

At the end, never stop trying new ways to find your inner peace. Practice meditation, ten minutes a day is not too much and the benefits are tremendous. Stop disturbing yourself especially when there is no legitimate reason for doing so. Laugh more and avoid unnecessary drama.

Life seeks life.

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