Five Rules to Abide By

  • Say No:

If you are concerned about how the teacher mistreated your co-worker’s daughter, you do not have to be. It is not illegal to cut negative people from your life, even if those were family members. Strive to surround yourself with positive people who will add value to you, instead of keeping up with someone or something that you do not genuinely care about.

  • Be Forgiving:

How old are you? Chance are deep inside your unconscious mind you still hold a grudge for a high school friend who ate your sandwich without your permission. You would be surprised that you can find yourself angry with someone who is long gone from your life. Search for those hidden grudges and forgive those who hurt you in the past. Dwelling much?

  • The Universe is not out to get you:

In fact, the universe is not interested in you in a neither negative nor positive way. The universe is, and you are. If it looks like there is a cosmic conspiracy against you, trust that it is all in your mind. In line with forgiveness, learn to accept things as they are and work to change them for yourself. No one is out to get you, unless explicitly stated. You have no reason to worry about anything that is out of your direct control. Stop blaming everyone and everything for your problems.

  • Be Grateful:

There is a good chance that there are a few things in life going your way, remember those. A good practice is starting to write those things your grateful for, do not just think about, and write them down. Create a list of the good things in your life, and feel grateful and “lucky” that you got what you go. You will see the list grow quickly, and whenever you feel down, go read that list and remember to be grateful. Doing that will replace negative feelings with optimism.

  • Do not Envy:

I get it, you are human, and you cannot help but be envious. You can control your envy because it is a major roadblock for inner peace. It is good to desire a faster car, a beautiful wife, bigger house, but obsessing about them and feeling bitter towards who have them is no way of living. Did we mention turning off the TV, reducing Facebook consumption, and stopping gossip?

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