Three Steps to Mindfulness and Peace

  • Be here, now:

Beneath all of the stress, anxiety, and frantic rushing through life, you will find inner peace. You just have to take notice. It is deceptively simple because it has always been there waiting for you patiently to find it. Even starring you in the eyes, but you fail to take notice every time. Just stop, and try to get in touch, sure peace will reach out when you call upon it.

  • Deep Breaths:

Yes, just breathe. You are breathing right now, but are you paying attention to your breathing? Remember to take deep breaths during the day, and especially in time of stress. It is magical, relaxing, and will cost you nothing. Deep breaths help you relax and increase oxygen intake. Just remember to do it consciously and consistently.

  • Throw Away the TV:

Some people use TV to take their minds off what is going on their lives but they are doing it backwards. While TV might help you relax, it fills your mind with useless, harmful information. Trust me; you will be better without knowing that some country on the other side of the world had an earthquake. You will be just fine without watching entire season of Game of Thrones back to back. Do not be used by mass media.

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